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Broad spectrum disinfectant, Bioseg Citrus, 240 ml


Bioseg Citrus: It is a broad spectrum organic botanical extraction disinfectant, used in the food, pharmaceutical, hospital industry.

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Bioseg – citrus is created due to the need to have a product on the market that does not cause harm to the environment and to the people who use it, since in most cases the products used for disinfection cause damage to the environment and diseases Chronic to people who use them or are in places that are treated with these products. Its botanical components make its use very wide since it does not cause irritation on
contact with the skin and does not generate chronic diseases due to prolonged exposure to this active ingredient and the treated sites do not present cumulative contamination. Due to its formulation it is an excellent controller for inert environments and surfaces, in closed places that do not have clean air currents, it works by gradual evaporation and its residuality is 15 days, it is perfect
for use in:

  • HOSPITALS: operating rooms, nurseries, doctor’s offices, rooms, dining rooms, kitchen, etc.
  • FOOD INDUSTRY: Processing plants, packing plants, machinery, facilities, etc.
  • LOGISTICS INDUSTRY: in stored product, facilities, transportation.
  • PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY: in facilities processing and packaging centers as well as in sanitary warehouses, income as a personal disinfectant.
  • HIGH CONCENTRATION WORK CENTERS: On inert surfaces, desks, chairs, furniture, floors walls, curtains, glass, practically on all surfaces.
  • FOOD AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY: Directly to harvest.
  • POULTRY INDUSTRY: In income with phytosanitary arches and directly in production facilities.
  • HOUSEHOLDS: Floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, beds, pillows, pets, plants, apply directly to people before entering clothing and shoes.
  • PERSONAL USE: In hands, and in clothing as well as in direct contact objects such as telephones, laptops, money, keys, etc.

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By having a controlled environment of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and spores, we reduce the risks of contracting cross as well as direct diseases, we improve the quality of the oxygen we breathe by cleaning the carbon dioxide that we dispose of by speaking or breathing. conditions generate health and oxygenate our brain giving a positive and receptive state of mind.

Place undiluted directly on inert surfaces, whether solid or fabric, such as furniture, curtains, walls, floors, ceiling, chairs, in case of fungus, place directly on the bud.

for control in inert environments and surfaces, place the product with atomizers, spray pumps, nebulizers.

Due to its 15-day residuality on inert surfaces and in the environment, it is recommended to place it twice a month, in places that are regularly cleaned, place it constantly.


Product spill: Collect with absorbent material and wash the surface of the spill with water.
Waste management:
The fully biodegradable product, its disposal will be in accordance with local and federal regulations. Keep the container closed, only use the necessary quantity. The packaging of this product is made of polyethylene and is safe when emptied. rinse it thoroughly.

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